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Wednesday, September 28-
Sorry about today's comic. It was funnier in my head. But it's part one of two of this plot-tastic flashback.

Brace yourseles for a fanart update and overhaul. I don't have school tomorrow, so I'll be fixing and updating the sections. PLUS: I am accepting RPG World FANFIC now. (I'm not going to read any of it, in fear that I might subconciously borrow ideas ^_^) I've gotten a few requests and already one submision for a fanfic section, and I've decided to go ahead with it.

Oh, I watched this "Smallville" yesterday, and I liked it. I thought I'd hate it at first, but I realize I rather like comic-book adaptations that do "elseworlds" type universes, not completely relying on original continuity. And "Smallville" had neato Superman references up the wazoo, so I bet it would be fun to watch if you had no previous knowledge of Suerman continuity whatsoever. But that's just me.

But Batman is still way better.

---Ian J.

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