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Wednesday October 10-
Aaah! I'm only a week ahead in strips. Next Wednesday is #150.

Jim (who's real identity I swore to never tell) has told me that some people still talk to him by his AiM name, JimCloud500. I find that funny, because he started it as a joke to go with the fake "fansite" we made and now people are really talking to Jim. But I can't stress this enough, Jim is not me. So I take no responsibility for anything he says(I got email from someone about "things I said").
But anyway, ladies(and there seem to be a lot of Jim-shippers), now you know where to go. He has an AiM name.

Bah, not much else. I'm workin hard on college junk.

AHA HA HEE HE HE Heeh heh..

---Ian J.

The first comicToday's comic
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