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Wednesday October 3-
Heyo. Just got done watching the UPN Buffy Premeire. I admit it, I'm a pretty big Buffy fan meself. It wasn't bad. It was... pretty cool in that "we're-going-to-
do-it-as-believably-as-possible" sort of way.

The guys at MacHall are nutty nutters. Check this out. They seem to be playing something familiar. Ho ho ho, I love you Ian and Matt. In a strictly platonic way.

The RPG World forum is all-new and on Keenspot now, plus all the RPs are on the former board. this should eliminate confusion, and give both RP Fans and people who just want to talk a place all their own. So to anyone on the RP Board now or anyone else reading this wants to wants to participate there, go nuts!

(And if you don't want to RP, or you just want to talk about the comic or RPGs, hit up the new forum!)

Not much else to say. I have real-life and school issues up the wazoo now. ...If only I could just defeat PreCalc with an X-Strike and gain experience from it that way.... :\

---Ian J.

The first comicToday's comic
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