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Wednesday February 13-
Note: Yet another new IanComix. Since I update IanComix irregularly, I'll just try to link it on here whenenver I make a new one.

I'll probably be dropping by Katsucon this Saturday. But I'm not on a panel or anything... Sources say that webcomics aren't japanese and not popular enough for a panel. Heheh. Too bad, cause being on a panel was fun. I hope Otakon invites me to be on one this year. Last year, I was on the webcomics panel (which was spearheaded by the Megatokyo guys) and it was a blast. ah, memories.

Nothing else to mention except that the excellent Futurama has been cancelled by FOX. It will join Invader Zim and Family Guy in that big network in the sky. It's really sad, especially seeing that this was a really good show that never got a chance. It had a lot of spot-on parodies and cool nerdy jokes. If you saw the "Anthology of Intrest" episode that featured video game characters, you know what I mean.

---Ian J.

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