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Wednesday February 6! WOO!
Footnote: people are asking me "When did Cherry become a summoner?" to you I say "Time to read the archives!!!" Ha ha ha! No, but seriously, if you wanna read the exact strips in the storyline where it was established, start at this old strip

The problem with having such a plot intensive strip is that it's hard for new readers to just pick up and read. I tried to rectify this situation by introducing the story guide. So for now, if you're reading RPG World and have no idea what's going on, you might wanna check that out. But just like any comic, or book, or movie, the best way to understand something is to start at page 1. But I'll keep trying to do footnotes under the comics to explain the continuity Marvel Comics style.

Interesting bits: Ian J. IAN J! He runs a server for Espernet and I stole his name. Haha. So no, to all who may be wondering, IJ (his IRC handle) and IanJ(my IRC handle) are not one and the same. Hilarious.

I re-found Bootleg Toys: The Undiscovered Playthings, one of my favorite sites ever the other day, I was going through it and beign amused when I noticed that one of my favorite sections of the site, the bootleg Pokemon section, has been taken down by lawyers from Nintendo. :( But the site is still hilarious! Broken english and horribly painted toys galore!

Aesop's Decision. some of you may remember Cedric Henry from the funny funny guest strip he did long ago. Aesop is his comic now, and he's got a flair for dialogue that makes me jealous. So go! visit, read.

Ever wonder who does the kickass music that's found in many a Cartoon Network advertisement? I did until I stumbled upon BlueTube Productions. They even have the outright awesome Josie and the Pussycats "Musical Evolution" video on their site... so they're worth a visit. plus, their site design kicks butt.

---Ian J.

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