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Friday, August 17-
Wellity, wellity, wellity, RPG World is on a track for a very fast paced, shocking and wacky storyline for these next weeks. So don't miss it!
Actually, if you miss it, you can just look at it later in the Archives, so it doesn't matter if you read or not. Ha. saying "don't miss it!" in this wacky internet generation just doesn't work.

Recently, a good buddy of mine, Jon Gray, started up a pair of webcomics, Chip and Walter and Time Trouble. I wouldnt be plugging him like this unless I loved the comics he does. And I do. Plus I admire the fact that he's doing 2 daily comics at once, which I couldnt do If I wanted to. So visit you monkeys.

Oh, speaking about monkeys, 
USE WWW.RPGWORLDCOMIC.COM NOW, YOU MONKEYS! Really. You've got to use that address in stead of the keenspace one. One day the keenspace one will dissapear and you won't know what to do.

Oh yeah!  Cartoon Community interviewed me! now go, read about the man behind the legend.... or something..

Yeah, I'm about done for now. I have nothing to rant about, and you don't want to read my pointless ramblings, do you?

---Ian J.

The first comicToday's comic
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