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Sunday, July 8, 2001-
Huh... I don't have much to say today, so I'll continue with the Sega v. Sony thing I  talked about earlier- some more people have mailed me about it, most of you were in agreement (Yay! there are smart people out there!) but others who were deeply in love with their Playstations wrote as well. Thank you all for your response. Anyway, along the way, a few readers (All of them Sony fans, mind you) even damned Nintendo because "their games are for little kids". This makes me sad. Very sad. Nintendo kicks the most incredulous amounts of ass in the world when it comes to the current console manufacturers and they get dumped on because their games have a simple appearance. This reminds me of when I was in school and my (sometimes) friends said things like "Paper Mario?! That game looks pretty stupid",  "Space Channel 5 looks pretty gay" or "What is the point of games like Dance Dance Revolution?"          ....          I'm sorry, I'm weeping for the death of gaming. Since when did games become all about extreme crap, tie-ins and brainless sequels? How in the hay-ell did people ever stop caring about innovation and games that were just plain fun to play? The now-classic Penny Arcade series "The Sucking" offers the answer that I most frequently stick with.

On the subject of animated bands, I was wrong to leave out Fire Bomber and Prozakk. I'm very sorry. And very wrong.

Plus- you know what I think is really sexy about those new Zelda GBC games? Link's Muttonchops. Ooh yeah.

By The way, thank you everybody for sending me DC Sonic Adventure 2 180-emblem filesaves. but I won't be using them any time soon, as it's a pain to get my DC online and I'd need to buy a new VMU.

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