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Wednesday April 24-
I've gotten a big outpouring of praise-mail recently. Thanks, everyone.

And now to site news, since it's a hot topic right now-

FORUMS - I've been planning on getting my own forums for quite some time now. And right now looks like the perfect opportunity. I'm looking to use my generous friend Amy's server to house the all new, slick, AD-FREE, php-based forums, which will include the new RPG World comic forums (with tons more sections), Phat new RP Forums (also with more sections, and I'll be able to have moderators), and a new IanComix forum (which has been requested by many). You'll just have to hold on a little bit longer, maybe a week or so- this is going to be grand.

FANART - Fredirc is currently working with me on a new Fanstuff system which will have the fanart broken up into more pages and a sleeker, faster-loading layout. Other than that, this section has been working VERY well. Thanks for all of the artwork, it's great!

PROFILE PAGE - Uh.... I'll get to this one... sometime. Heh heh ^__^;;

---Ian J.

The first comicToday's comic
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