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Friday December 21-
NEWBIES- CLICK HERE TO CHECK OUT THE ORIGINAL JIM STORYLINE in all of it's amazing kickass glory. As the story goes, Jim (in the D.A.R.E. Shirt) is the guy who plays the game "RPG World", and he runs a website based on the game that is really lame, but he thinks he is cool and his friend thinks he's even cooler.

Hehe, I love Jim. Now you see why I warned you on Wednesday. I always wanted Jim to come back, but with a lack of new stories, my friend Matt Wilson (who runs the Unnoficial Adult Swim page as well as being an awesome animator) used old Jim photos and came up with the beautiful tribute you see before you.

And not to incite any hate-mail... but Jim, (who truly is my pavorite part of RPG World so far) is a part of this comic and will never go away. =D

In fact, Jim will be showing up in a future RPG World project. (What is this project? Wait and see!)

Oh yeah, and I got accepted into School of Visual Arts. Wooo! And So did Josh Mirman! Webcomic artists, living the college life!

---Ian J.

The first comicToday's comic
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