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Wednesday, 01.24.01
- Wednesday! RPG World Cameo in POCKET. Yes indeed. I run comics on another server and I need to know- are there any good comic archival scripts out there that I can use for free? Because I.. need them. Anyone with info on any comic archival scripts at all please mail me.
what is this? what does this say?
EXTRA! - <gwok> This is the weirdest (coolest?) thing ever. Apparenlty, my comic has been plugged on a popular finnish webpage. Just think... people in Finland who make webpages like my site. </gwok>
Plus- It appears Sega has announced that they will be producing games for the PS2 and the GBA . It hurts my heart to see Sega go this way ::sniff:: but they're not dead. All you Sega-hatas out there can just hold on a minute, Sega's still going to be working the DC.... and somehow putting it in a Set-top-box, ala NUON. At fist this news made me sad and shocked, but it doesn't matter. As long as quality Sega products are around, The world will be happy. Speaking of, Download the Typing of The Dead Demo. It's the best edutainment game ever made.
The first comicToday's comic
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