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Written by Andrew Bonia (Edited by Ian J)

The Party
Bad Guys

The Party

The hero

Full Name: (unknown)
AKA: Hero, Unlikely Hero, Mighty Hero, the Chosen One (he calls himself)
First Appearance: #1
Class: Warrior
Race: Human
Height: 5’10”
Weight: 138 lbs
Level: 50
HP: 758
MP: 112
Weapon: Tearer Sword (Previously: Hero Sword, Jag Sword)
Attacks: Slash, Jab, Impale, Impale2, Sword Smackdown, Flash, Stab, Decapitation, Chop, Jumping Slash
Magic: None as of yet.
Tech: Cheese, Protect, Insult

An unlikely hero out for adventure, the naive and innocent Hero has no memory of his past other then a brief service in the SEVIL army. While an expert at fighting and solving side missions, Hero has a hard time fathoming more abstract concepts like love, much to Cherry and Diane’s chagrin.
As displayed during the incident with the pirates, Hero is somehow able to tap into a mysterious power called the Tatsachore, though only elves and monsters are supposed to be able to wield it. Nevertheless, this power allows him to draw energy from the bond he shares with his friends. This ability means that he, along with Diane (a monster) and Cherry (an elf) may be the ones that will decide the outcome of the impending war between races.

Quotation: My Sword is AWESOME!!!

Full Name: Cherry Blossomfeather
AKA: The Sacras One, The Chosen One
First Appearance: #1
Class: Thief
Race: Elf
Height: 5’8”
Weight: 131 lbs
Level: 50
HP: 713
MP: 98
Weapon: Crossbow (Previously: Dagger)
Items: Powerglove, Spirit Bead
Attacks: Do nothing, Crowsbow, Right in the Kisser
Magic: Summon Angst-filled Teen, Summon Nexion, Summon [Dilton]the Intern
Tech: Steal

Cherry was the first party member to meet Hero, when he interrupted her attempt to rob an innocent traveler. Though she initially agreed to accompany Hero on his quest for the money, Cherry quickly found herself becoming attracted to Hero due to his free and innocent nature.
Cherry is also the “Sacras One” of the elves, a child born only once in every few generations with a special birthmark. This means that Cherry, like Hero is connected directly to the Tatsachore, but unlike Hero, Cherry uses this connection to see past the bounds of their world… leading her to point out the confusing nature of RPG structured gaming. The elves had hoped that she would become their leader for the approaching war between races, but Cherry ran away. Recently, she was reunited with her people and her father, who, despite not approving of her fraternizing with humans, was more understanding of Cherry’s choice of profession.
Whoever she is, with AKAs like “Sacras One” and “The Chosen One” you know that something’s going on.

Quotation: “Accuracy rating?” What am I, some kind of statistic?

AKA: Lienne (Renamed ‘Diane’ by Hero in the rename screen)
First Appearance: #11
Class: Mage (Previously Harlot, White Mage)
Race: Human/Monster hybrid
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 119 lbs
Level: 49
HP: 678
MP: 75
Weapon: Mage Staff (Previously: Purse, Staff)
Magic: Chem, Fire, Water, Revive, Instant Death, Life, Generic Lightning Spell, Firey,
Tech: Kiss, Provoke Dance,
DuelTech: Fire Wrench

Lien…uh, I mean Diane ran away from home after her Mom died and her father and Stepmother tried to rush her into an arranged marriage. (As it turned out, possibly to Hero! (#381)) She was adopted by a harlot named Misty, and was about to follow in her adopted mothers footsteps when she stumbled upon the Hero recruiting new party members.
Diane only recently discovered that her mom, Taesa, was a monster that her dad met in South City, making Diane a monster, human hybrid, and explaining her affinity for magic. She and Eikre have a love-hate relationship going, and they even pretended to be husband and wife at one point but mainly, like Cherry, Diane harbors feelings for Hero. Unlike Cherry, she has no problem acting on those feelings, leading to friction between the two girls, and confusion for Hero.
Now that the party is in South City, Diane is hoping to find out what became of her little brother, though he might be closer than she thinks…

Quotation: God, I love that Monkey.

First Appearance:
Class: Outlaw/Warrior
Race: Human
Height: 6’1”
Weight: 176 lbs
Level: 46
HP: 626
MP: 56
Items: Pipe, “I Love Evil” t-shirt
Weapon: Dual Knives (Previously: Dagger, War Mart Dagger)
Attacks: Slice, Double Slice, Backstab, Backslash
Tech: Top Cut

A penchant for horrible puns and ‘the ladies’ are Eikre’s trademarks. Though initially it seemed that he was probably Galgarion in disguise, (an opinion supported by his suspicious shoutings of “Still thy tongue!” mumblings of ‘evil plans’ and wearings of ‘I love Evil’ t-shirts) it turned out that he was, you know, just a guy, and all the evidence to the contrary was just a number of unbelievable coincidences.
Hailing from the town of Ubelton, where the economy was based on evil deeds and training. Eikre would’ve been content to follow his friends on a path to kicking dogs and stealing candy, if it wasn’t for Jeff.
Eikre’s friend Jeff learn the true meaning of evil from the Tiger Book, one of the four mystical keys. This led him on a destructive rampage resulting in the death of Eikre’s mother. From that day forward, Eikre vowed to do his best to rid the world of evil instead of contribute to it. And to get with lots of “the ladies.”

Quotation: Galgarion is Cherry’s butt?! This is gonna be the coolest boss fight ever!

AKA: Mom (to her robots)
First Appearance: #156
Class: Science Pirate
Race: Human
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 150 lbs
Level: 42
HP: 587
MP: 76
Weapon: Wrench
Attacks: Whack
Tech: PDRHED-01 , Podder-head and Piddo
DuelTech: Fire Wrench

Cute, smart and British, Reka is the captain of “The Happy Pirate” a ship crewed by intelligent robots of her own design. A ship that the party stowed away on.
Reka joined the party in order to take revenge on Galgarion for her father Thad’s murder. Thad was killed for ‘going against’ SouthCorp, but before he died, he told Reka about an important treasure he had left somewhere at the bottom of the sea. Reka was on her way to retrieve the treasure when she first encountered the party. Perhaps the only party member with a personal reason to stop Galgarion, she has proved herself a valuable member of the party both in and out of battle.
She eventually was able to confront Galgarion twice; once in Langoria, and again in the Dark Woods. There, after a fierce battle, Galgarion brutally killed the unarmed Reka and vanished, thus ending Disk 2.

Quotation: Well, at least nobody that I can’t fix with a wrench was hurt.

Full Name: The Dragobo
AKA: Drag’
First Appearance: Comic 4
Class: Cute Fuzzy Thing
Race: Dragobo damnit!
Height: 2’
Weight: 20 lbs
Level: 37
HP: 498
MP: 49
Weapon: Fists and cuteness
Attacks: “Kick that guy’s ass” attack, Running Punch,
Special: Fire Breath
Tech: Snatch

To quote the Hero, “Dragobos eventually become great fighters and such.” This is pretty much Dragobo to the letter. The third member to join the party, Dragobo hatched from an egg taken from a vanquished, Stupid Looking Dragon. He has since proved himself in battle time and again, including helping his friend Howard liberate the imprisoned Mubbles from the maniacal Detestai.
Though there are many types and colors of Dragobo, raised for labor such as farming and for sport, such as racing, this particular Dragobo is a pure fighter, despite his irresistible cuteness, and can easily whoop any other Dragobo you can find into next week.

Quotation: BOO-ya!

Full Name: Howard Wigglebottom
AKA: Wigglebottom
First Appearance: #44
Class: Cute Fuzzy Thing
Race: Mubble.
Height: 2’6”
Level: 28
HP: 360
MP: 45
Weapon: That weird little cube thing on his head.
Attacks: Boing
Magic: Summon: Big Mubble, Revive,
Tech: Flee

Howard is a mubble, a cute fuzzy little race of beings that live in the forests of RPG World. Howard first encountered the party when he robbed them of 3000G and their Dragobo in order to help liberate his people, who had been taken captive by the nefarious Detestai. Later he would meet up with them again when landing in a nearby haystack after being thrown out of an airship by Evil Soldier #347. Howard may look cute, but he’s one tough little guy. Of course you would be too if you’d survived a drop from an airship, and were forced to undergo the mental duress of having to wait for weeks on end in the Menu Bar for non-active players.

Quotation: I just killed two living people. Aren’t I just perpetuating a circle of violence?

The Bad Guys

Full Name: Unknown
AKA: Galgy (though, not to his face)
First Appearance: # 18
Class: Evil Villain
Race: Human
Height: 6’2”
Weight: 167 lbs
Level: Unknown
HP: Unknown
MP: Unknown
Weapon: Anima De Satho (soul stealer)
Items: The Phoenix Book,
Magic: Evil Fire, Evoke Aroth, Dismiss Summon

The main bad guy, and all around evil personality, Galgarion was in the Hero’s unit in SEVIL when they went on a raid to retrieve the Phoenix Book an ancient relic from before the great war, and one of the four mystical keys. Once he had the book in his possession, Galgarion went AWOL and decided to use the power in the book to rule the world.
Though Galgarion was always a major jerk, he took a serious turn for the evil upon returning home from a trip to South City with a mysterious black mask. Since then. he’s wiped out whole villages, killed Soldier 347’s family out of spite and supposedly killed Reka’s father, though he denies it. It seems that he is in league with SouthCorp though he has admitted he is only biding his time. His only really redeeming feature is his good taste: he is madly in love with Cherry and will go to any end to get her.

Quotation: I’ve spent the last few days inside Cherry’s shorts, and it was fantastic–OW!

FA: #272
A shadowy evil from Eikre’s past, Jeff is in possession of one of the mystical keys; the Tiger Book, which according to Eikre explains the nature of evil. Jeff was friends with Eikre and Hawk back in school until he was corrupted by the Tiger Book and went on a murderous rampage through the town, killing Eikre’s mother in the process. Eikre fought with him and ran him out of Ubelton, but Jeff has recently resurfaced in the upper echelons of SEVIL,

FA: # 78
Hell hath no fury like a cute lil’ cat-lady scorned. Detestai, like Larry and Earl, is a cat- human shapeshifter. Unlike Larry and Earl, she only ever transforms part way. She used to be Galgarion’s girlfriend, but he took all her money and broke her heart. Now she wants revenge… as long as her glasses are on. Otherwise she just wants cuddles.

Larry and Earl
FA: #78
Lives left: 5 (as of Comic 449)
Just a couple of morphing cat creatures never meaning no harm… unless Detestai orders it. She’s the brains, they’re they brawn. They’re also really good at information gathering thanks to the books at your local library. Unfortunately for them, they tend to get killed a lot. Fortunately for them, they’ve got lives to spare… for now.

Quotation: We just thought we were totally ninja with our break in…

The Dragobo-Nabbers
FA; #262
This evil, tricky bunch, Hawk and Tonya (and their talking dragobo Exodragon) kidnapped lil’ Abner in a bid to get Farmer Wilfrod’s prize red racing dragobo (got all that?) they challenged Reka to a ‘battle of cute things’ and were soundly beaten.
However, it also turned out that Hawk was an old friend of Eikre from Ubelton, and had trained in the evil arts with Eikre and Jeff. Small world.

We Bad.

The true nature of the Society for the Evasion of Vile evIl Life is still shrouded in mystery. Though supposedly formed to “protect the rights and freedoms of all humans” SEVIL’s name and suggestive acronym seen to suggest a less benevolent purpose.
SEVIL chemically enhances all of its soldiers so that they gain super strength when angered. This enhanced state, known as “SEVIL Rage” can be countered with an injection of SEVIL-die, as Rabogee did to Hero during his capture. Many of the humans in the story have been linked to SEVIL, including Hero, Galgarion, Diane’s dad Erad, and numerous other NPCs. As well Jeff, the murderous evil from Eikre’s past, has been revealed at the top of SEVIL’s chain of command, though no one knows just how far up it goes.

General Kato
FA: #35
Hero’s first memory after having his mind erased, it was this General who led Hero and Galgarion on their first (and only) mission; to retrieve the Phoenix Book. Recently, the general returned claiming to be Hero’s father, but even Hero could see through the charade.

Secretary Brad Renfro
FA: #434
Hero’s jailer and plot developer. Also SEVIL task force leader, and star of Apt Pupil.

Assistant Secretary Rarder
FA: #438
Ladies like a man in uniform. Unless it’s a self-centred smarmy man like this guy. Ugh.


A corporation of monsters located in South City, SouthCorp, like SEVIL is attempting to manipulate the heroes to their own nefarious ends.
SouthCorp is somehow linked with Galgarion’s past, as well as with the Phoenix Book, though the specifics have yet to come to light.

FA: # 352
A high ranking official at SouthCorp and ostensibly Galgarion’s boss, (though, as Galgarion ominously said, in #394, “it’s not you whom I’m reporting too..) Oligarch is, like so many others in RPG World, intent on ruling the world. At the moment, he is mainly concerned with getting the heroes to SouthCorp in time for the dark moon… whatever that means…

Rocko and Peepers
FA: #352
Oligarch’s bodyguards, a fish-man and an anthropomorphic rabbit respectively.

Captain Rabogee
FA: #163
Pirate captain of the S.S. Crust and noted television personality, Captain Rabogee was drafted by Galgarion to kidnap the Hero and his party while they were at sea. Hero’s friends were able to sneak onto his ship in order to rescue hero, but were overwhelmed by the pirate forces. The fact that Hero’s friends were in danger activated the SEVIL rage in hero, as well as his connection to the Tatsachore, which not only enabled him to escape and rescue his rescuers, but also to obliterate Captain Rabogee for threatening Hero’s friends.
Cherry still bears a scar on her left shoulder from where Rabogee’s cutlass cut her during this incident.

First Matey Snoof
FA: #163
Monosyllabic first mate of the S.S. Crust under Rabogee and all around stereotypical pirate.

The not-so bad guys

Plum Windrock
FA: # 59
An elf, who was sent by the Head Chancellor of Langoria to find Hero, but somehow got tangled up with Evil Soldier 347 instead. When they finally found the party at Sonova Shores, Plum recognized Cherry and denounced her as an elf, before being knocked unconscious by Galgarion and once again losing the party in the confusion.
She again caught up to the party in Langoria, but by this time they had gotten to the kingdom of the elves under their own steam, and Plum was demoted to Jail Guard for her failure. Since then she has continued wandering the world with Evil Soldier #347 searching for a way to defeat Galgarion and regain the respect of her people.

Evil Soldier #347
FA: # 48
347 used to work for Galgarion. But that was before Galgarion fired him, destroyed his village and took the souls of his wife Calla and their children. Now he wanders the land with Plum looking for a way to take revenge on his former master. He also has really, really bad eyesight.

FA: #286
A pickpocket and a breakdancer, Rabble-Rouser is the hippest of the denizens of South City… or that’s what he tells himself. Unbeknownst to Rabble-Rouser, but knownst to us, he is Diane’s half-brother.

FA: #348
If Rabble Rouser was the protagonist, Popsicle would be the lead love interest. Of course, Rab isn’t much of a protagonist, so Popsicle isn’t really interested.

FA: #348
Third member of Rabble Rouser’s crew, Glenn the DJ is Rab’s right hand monster, and is always willing to take a ‘seven winks’ for the team.

Piddo and Podder-Head
FA: #156
Two of Reka’s beloved robot creations, Piddo and Podder-Head, though made only out of ‘gears’ are really all heart. Piddo, a hyperactive mechanical genius with no common sense, and Podder Head a warrior bereft of his sword arm by a well placed ‘steal’ technique. Now with Reka gone, her ‘children’ are focusing their attentions on finishing Machine Guy’s time machine so that they can go back and save their mom.


The treetop city of Langoria is the capitol of the elves, and the home of Cherry Blossomfeather. With a name like of Cherry Blossomfeather, you’d think Hero would have figured out that she was an elf before the end of Disk 1, but he isn’t noted for his powers of perception.

FA: #301
Cherry’s hyperactive father, from whom she ran away.

FA: #301
Cherry’s older, and less popular sister.

FA: #300
Nubile leader of the elven patrolers in the Great Forest surrounding Langoria. All girl elves are trained from a young age to be patrolers, and Feijoa is no different. She was promoted to Head Patroler after the previous Head, Plum Windrock, was sent to find the hero.

FA: #305
Cherimoya’s dimwitted boyfriend.

King Ephraim Malabar
FA: #308
The king of the elves knew Hero when he was in his teens and may have clues to unlocking his mysterious past… if Hero could sit still long enough.
Malabar had made a deal with Galgarion. He would turn over the Hero, and Galgarion would leave Langoria alone. Of course, Galgarion, being evil and all, violated the deal before the King had a chance to turn Hero over by attacking Langoria, so as you can imagine when details of their deal came out the people of Langoria weren’t to impressed with their king.

FA: #309
A high level elvish patroller who was impressed by Hero’s fighting despite his unimpressive equipment. By which I mean sword.

Straw and Blue Berry
FA: #307
Two elvish brothers charged with looking after Hero during his stay in Langoria.

Other NPCs of note
Remember: Talk to everyone.

FA: #273
Eikre’s ex from high school and all around Evil Hot Babe.

Azif, Caroline, Prince George, Harford, etc…
FA: # 77
Howard’s fellow Mubbles have had a hard run of it as of late. First, they were captured by Detestai and would have been on the way to theme park enslavement if it wasn’t for the brave exploits of Howard and Dragobo. Then, Galgarion personally attacked their village drained the souls of the inhabitants, and the light energy from Howard’s girlfriend Caroline, setting Howard, like many before him on the path to revenge on Galgarion.

Erad and Kapta
FA: #379 (or #90)
Diane’s father and step-mother. After Diane’s mother died giving birth to her brother, Erad vowed he would give Diane a normal life. That’s really just parent-talk for “I will control every aspect of my child’s life” and so Diane ran away from home.

Dilton, the Intern
FA: #340
Though technically a summon and not an NPC, Dilton fills in for summons like his boss Shida, and mops the floor with enemies using papercuts, staplers, and crappy office humor cartoons.

Machine Guy
FA: #397
Machine Guy lives in a hodgepodge house in the dark forest, and was supposed to be building a toaster, but got carried away and built a time machine. Now, with the assistance of Piddo and Podder Head, he and his machine may be Reka’s only hope.

Quotation: It has two settings… light toast, and ADVENTUUUURRE!

Wagon Lady
FA: #379
Arafina, a mysterious old sorceress who lives in Sommet Town, where Diane lived with her father and step-mother. She assisted with the births of Diane and her brother, and also filled in Diane on her past and true heritage.

The Plant
FA: #59
Doesn’t it look a lot like Plum? I mean really. You know those games where there’s a spy in the party? Well, this guy’s a plant.

Random Tidbit Bearing Old Man
FA: # 65
There’s one in every village. He will always tell you of some recent disaster or folktale that is guaranteed to lead you to side-quest purgatory.

TaT Guy
FA: # 9
Perhaps the wisest of the denizens of RPG World, this bar room sage knows that there is really only one answer to any question: “*sigh* Times are tough.”

Townsperson #4
FA: # 17
To quote Cherry, “I hope it’s not a bad sign when Townsperson #4 knows ten times more then you do.” Well, it is, but not an unexpected sign.

Smilin’ Hank
FA: #401
The insensitive owner of an inappropriately placed mini-game known as “Smilin’ Hanks Fun Butterfly Hunt”

Wilfrod the Farmer, Agnes, and Lil’ Abner
FA: #235
Of course you can stay at their farm… if you can defeat the KINGSNAKE that is!!!
Which they did.

Wilfrod is a farmer who also raises racing Dragobos. His son lil’ Abner was kidnapped by the evil and tricky ‘Dragobo-nabbers,’ but the party rescued him. Natch.

Monsters and such
Kill monsters. Gain EXP.

Evil Soldiers
FA: # 22
Galgarion has legions of evil soldiers (and some not so bad soldiers) that can work his fiendish bidding. Each soldier has a three digit number instead of a name, and most of them aren’t very dedicated to their work. You wouldn’t be either if all you had to do all day was walk back and forth in the hall.
However, since the evil fortress was destroyed, the soldiers have nothing to do but wander back and forth in the ruins, waiting for their severance pay.

FA: # 55
HP: 230
Big, spikey-headed monster, killed by Cherry. Inflict damage, gain EXP. The system works.

Stupid Looking Dragon
FA: # 2
HP: 100
It may be stupid looking, but this dragon is also Dragobo’s mom or something, so show some respect!

Olaf the Unspeakable
FA: # 6
HP: 203
Thus far the only adversary to make Hero run from a fight. Of course, hero was just testing the ‘run’ function, but meh.

“The Monster”
HP: A ton of HP
Attacks: Pow, Whap,
Steals children… eats babies… it’s a big ol’ monster. It is also the first and only being to actually succeed in killing off the party… but luckily they’d remembered to save.

Big Panda
FA: # 50
HP: 3460
Attacks: Steal hits
This boss might have been tough if Eikre hadn’t schooled it with one ‘Top Cut.’ Too bad he doesn’t do that more often…

FA: #130
Here’s a fun fact: Sea Horses mate for life! This one, however, won’t get a chance, since it was polished off by a well timed summon on Cherry’s part.

FA:# 236
A big snake… with batwings… go fig.

FA: #289
Attacks: Bad Breath
A nicotine addicted octopus in a cowboy hat, the Marlboro is, to quote Hero, “the most annoying monster ever.”

Scary House
FA: #298
It will not get tired. It will not stop. It’s has no remorse, nor a conscience, because… it’s a HOUSE!

FA: # 310
Though you’d think it’d be a sweet deal living in tree houses your whole life, the one downside is the periodical Dino attacks. Figures.

Prison Guard Robot
FA:# 318
Attacks: Zappyland
There’s one in every prison.

Underground Octopus, Underground Monkey and Underground Bird
FA: #356
Various out of place denizens of cave dungeons. Underground Monkey’s in particular are vicious fighters, and are attracted to the sounds of sardonic observation.

FA: #361
This dungeon boss would have an ironclad defense if it wasn’t for that one weak spot…

Phantom Galgarion
FA: #367
It’s pretty much what the name implies. A shadow left behind to guard Galgarion’s hideout when he’s not there.

Dead Horse
FA: #377
HP: 0
Zombie horse, and the living (unliving?) embodiment of video game based humor. See also ‘One Trick Pony.’

Tough Dragon
FA: #391
Attacks: Burn
A monster that attacked Sommat Town, and was taken out thanks to a newley enMaged Diane.

FA: #429
HP: 581
One of the murderous denizens of the South City Park Zoo, the Picnarg would’ve finished off the party if not for the timely reappearance of Cherry, who had disappeared for an FMV. She finished it off with one shot to the kisser, and got the party thrown in military prison as terrorists for their trouble.

Jim, the guy who plays RPG World
FA: ‘Jim’ #1
Jim is an everyman, sitting alone in his basement three days a week playing his favorite video game as slowly as he can on a television that regularly switches from black and white to color and back. He is a metaphor for everyone who’s ever held a controller, for everyone whose tried to resist the urge to look at the strategy guide… and failed. He’s you. He’s me. He’s Jim.

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